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This Mobile “Big Screen” Device Is Changing The Face Of Entertainment… And it’s Selling Out Everywhere!

Summary: See why over 150,000 people worldwide are raving about this brand new device that turns your phone into a tablet-sized big screen .

Everyone knows the struggle of squinting into your phone trying to catch the details of Youtube videos and movies. Or getting a splitting headache as you strain to read the morning news in tiny little font.

Some people turn to tablets for a bigger screen, but for many, that’s too expensive. Small children are at even more risk, as a study from the American Optometric Association says tiny phone screens put them in serious danger of developing myopia.

It’s , and phones aren’t going away any time soon. Is it so much to ask that we can comfortably consume media on bigger screens without forking over the criminal price tags for tablets?

That’s exactly what this Silicon Valley startup thought. A team of engineers got together to create something that would forever change the way we consume entertainment.

And you won’t believe what it is…

What is it?

The Screen Magnifier is an ingenious “mini projector” that enlarges the screen on your mobile to at least double its size. That means you can comfortably watch videos, read, and consume any other media on a screen that’s roughly the size of a tablet…. But without the crippling price tag!

It’s so much easier to use than a tablet, too. You don’t have to be a “techy” to figure it out, and there’s no annoying cords or even batteries to make it work. That’s why the Screen Magnifier is so amazing. It’s easy to use, durable, portable, and remarkably convenient.

And you won’t believe why the clever engineers behind the device decided to make it…

What makes it so special?

Two of the team members used to work for a big-name tablet company. They saw that the main reason people get tablets is to view entertainment. They thought it was absurd that so many folks were forced to pay hundreds of dollars for a tablet, when really all they needed was a larger screen to use their phones with.

So they put their heads together and came up with a device that gives you the viewing comfort of a tablet on a large screen, but without the crippling price tag.

The Screen Magnifier is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy their media on a large, comfortable screen without forking over hundreds of dollars on a tablet. Already over 1.5 million people have bought it!


The Screen Magnifier is regularly selling out from their US-based warehouse, and it’s growing a cult following incredibly fast. Customers are raving about the Screen Magnifier, saying it “saved my eyes” and it’s “so much easier than a tablet”.

Here are just a few stories from thrilled customers:

"Maybe it’s just my age, but I feel like phone screens are way too small. I’m always squinting trying to read the tiny little text there. The Screen Magnifier is perfect! You just stick your phone in the holder thingy in the back, and the image is magnified on the screen in front. It’s such a relief on your eyes." - Paula F. - Seattle, WA.

"After my toddler broke our second iPad, I decided we would have an iPad-free house. The Screen Magnifier is a godsend because the kids can watch their movies and play games just like on the iPad, but without risk of breaking it. Hands down the best thing I’ve bought this year." - Kacey K. - Worcester, Massachusetts.

"I was surprised at how easy it was to use. There aren’t any cords or batteries or anything, so you can start using it straight out of the box. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the amount of headaches I get, and using my phone is so much more enjoyable." - Gary S. - Lafayette, Louisiana.

"If you have a bluetooth keyboard or joystick, this thing works like a portable gaming station. I use it to play Fortnite while traveling, and it’s so much more fun when you can actually see the action." - Jeremy P. - Murray, Kentucky.

Who should use the Screen Magnifier?

Anyone who...

✅ - Wants the viewing sizes of a tablet, but without paying big prices for it

✅ - Gets headaches from eye straining

✅ - Gets double vision or eye fatigue after prolonged viewing

✅ - Finds themselves squinting, leaning closer, or tearing up when viewing their phone

✅ - Wants a bigger screen for gaming, movies, or reading

✅ - Has or is developing myopia

What other benefits does the Screen Magnifier have?

Aside from being an excellent alternative to tablets for entertainment, the Screen Magnifier has remarkable benefits… even for your health!

✅ - Perfect for Travel: It’s light and easy to carry - perfect for plane and car rides and viewing on the go

✅ - Incredibly Versatile: You can watch movies, videos, read books, read articles, surf the web, or play your favorite games.

✅ - Great for Kids: The whole family can enjoy a movie on one screen, and it’s made with durable materials that your kids can’t break

✅ - Prevents Eye Fatigue: No more blurry vision or tired eyes while reading on your mobile

✅ - Helps Prevent Myopia: Young children and even adults are at risk of developing myopia from small screen phone usage. The Screen Magnifier reduces the risk, and lets you view more naturally!

✅ - Reduces Headaches: Get rid of the headaches you get from straining your eyes at a tiny screen

✅ - Reduces Blue Light Damage: The Screen Magnifier creates a barrier between you and the stimulating blue light, helping to prevent you from harm

✅ - Easy to use: No cords, batteries, or any “fancy” equipment. Use it right out of the box!

✅ - A Memorable Gift: The Screen Magnifier has proven to be an incredible gift for nieces, nephews, and grandparents.

How much does it cost? And is it worth it?

Considering that tablet companies charge anywhere from $300-$1,000 for a device that’s really just an enlarged version of your smartphone seems like a total ripoff, especially if you use it mostly for videos and reading anyway.

That’s why I was delighted to discover the Screen Magnifier only costs $49.96. That’s already an amazing deal.

But get this!

We just got word that the company is doing an exclusive sale online for 50% OFF. That means you can get the Screen Magnifier for only $24.98! And if you don’t like it, they have a generous 30-day guarantee. There’s really no reason not to try it. Personally, I think the retail price is already worth it.

What other device out there gives you the complete viewing pleasure of a tablet, at such an affordable price?

You can get the Screen Magnifier directly from their website here ---->

How can it be so affordable?

Since Screen Magnifier is a small startup, they can cut costs where other companies can’t. Things like big factories, billboards, or beach vacations for the company “bigwigs” don’t apply here. They sell directly to the consumers, passing the honest savings on to you.

And they ship directly from within the US, so you get your package within days!

Is it worth it?

In short, yes! If you like the larger screen size of a tablet but you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to buy the full device, the Screen Magnifier is the perfect alternative.

I’ve been using mine for over a month now, and the difference in my eyesight is astounding! You wouldn’t believe how much of a relief it is to give your eyes a break and save tons of money doing it. You should go for it now, before they pull the deal!

As of * – Screen Magnifier is offering an exclusive discount for US residents only. But hurry, due to so much high demand and overwhelmingly positive reviews, they’re running out of stock quickly. HINT: These make excellent gifts for nieces, nephews, and grandparents!

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